ENAbLE Project

Teacher Training Course


Teacher Training Course

During the beginning of the implementation phase of the project, a training script will be conceived for the accomplishment of a Teacher Training Course of 50 hours (credited for teachers, in Portugal), to be conducted by teachers that attended the teacher training workshop mentioned on Activity 3.3, and that will be responsible for training other teachers in their country.
The teacher training course will have as main goals, the following:

1) to learn the main tools and functionalities of the educational toolbox developed (ensuring the technological competence development);

2) to explore some examples of teaching and learning strategies (addressing the pedagogical competences) using the educational toolbox developed in several disciplines (attending to content competences), focused on promoting pupils critical spatial literacy;

3) to develop new teaching and learning strategies using the educational toolbox developed to promote pupils critical spatial literacy, according to each discipline and country┬┤s curriculum.

The methodology chosen for the development of the teacher training course is problem-based learning and the learning environment is blended-learning. The purpose of the use of problem-based learning is to build new knowledge from teacher┬┤s interaction during the teacher training course, on finding new educational solutions for ICT integration, and also to train teachers to develop this methodology in class, with their pupils, using the educational mobile apps developed.

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