ENAbLE Project



Academic partners:

The thematic interconnection and proactive advancement of future topics such as advancing education through ICT as proposed in this project is the key strategy of all universities. The three universities have unique and comprehensive expertise in ICT-based spatial literacy education yet have complementary skills in education and technology development: WWU has profound expertise in the development of geospatial cognitive systems and user-centered software design. UJI has very strong competencies in geospatial technologies, in particular positioning technologies, key technology for location-based games. WWU and UJI successfully cooperated with schools, but have limited experience in teaching training. This expertise is brought in by UA, focusing on teachers in educational research.


University of Münster WWU, Institute for Geoinformatics (ifgi), Germany
Universidade de Aveiro UA, Department of Education, Portugal
Universitat Jaume I UJI, Institute for New Imaging Technologies (iNIT), Spain



  Secondary Schools:

Secondary schools support the project through providing participants for our studies and feedback regarding the IT-Tools:

Germany: Anne-Frank-Gesamtschule, Havixbeck (ages 10-19)

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Spain:   Instituto de Educación Secundaria (IES) El Caminas, Castellón de La Plana (ages 12-21)



Portugal:  Basic and Secondary School of Gafanha da Nazaré, Ìlhavo (ages 10-18)







Academic Centers for Teacher Education:

Academic centres for teacher education will support the project through their contacts to (future) teachers:

UA’s  ICT Competence Centre

responsible for knowledge transfer between the University and local schools

UJI’s Center for Education with New Technologies (CENT)

responsible for promoting the use of new technologies in education, including initiatives targeting secondary education

WWU Centre of Teacher Education (ZfL)

interdisciplinary unit to advance teacher education

Regional Centre of Teacher Training of Ílhavo, Vagos and Oliveira do Bairro

responsible for official teacher trainings



Governmental partners:

Governmental partners provide feedback on the (curricular) requirements and are the addressees for the curriculum recommendations:

Ministry of Home Affairs and Local Government of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

leading IMA GDI.NRW comittee, responsible for spatial literacy in curricula

Ministry of Education, Government of Aragon

school curricula development

Ministry for Education and Science, Government of Portugal

school curricula development



Industry partner:


Esri Inc. is the world leading GIS software producer. Esri has a long history of collaboration with all three academic partners in research and education. Esri is also very active in the educational market and supports educational users.



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