ENAbLE Project


NavApps:  Indoor Navigation and wayfinding software apps


Latest version of NavApps: Here  and the WebApp : http://enable.init.uji.es

NavApps is a educational software apps training spatial competencies. Pupils will use these apps to improve wayfinding, distance and angle estimation, route-following, and travel-planning competencies. Teachers can use it to consolidate pupils ICT knowledge, and more importantly, help them improve their spatial feeling, orientation skills, map reading ability, while reinforcing learning concepts from their curriculum (e.g., concepts stemming from geometry, geography, mathematics). The gamification elements built-in into in this application enforce pupil engagement and interest for the topics at hand, while competition elements make pupils experience IT as a collaborative tool and help them build social competencies.

This app scans wifi fingerprints to locate yourself inside buildings.

The character Ian McGregor provides the users with information about the game and which steps the users have to do next.

NavApps : WebApp

The game consists of 4 Phases. The first phase is collaborative, and consists of indicating the boundaries of the school’s premises, and mapping the buildings, their floors and rooms. This is done using a Web-based application, where the students can draw the buildings and rooms using simple polygons, and with the help of the fire-escape plans.

1. The Welcome page.

2. Set the game boundaries.

3. Upload the fire plan from the school building

4. Draw the rooms of the school


The mobile NavApps App:

The next three phases are played using the mobile NavApps app. In the second phase, the students need to find specific places in the school, based on the map and descriptions (e.g., building name, room number, etc.). In the third phase, the students hide treasures at specific locations in the school, and indicate these locations in NavApps. Finally, in the fourth phase, the students search for treasures hidden by their fellow students. They are hereby guided towards the treasures using different wayfinding techniques (cardinal directions, proximity, influence area around the student).

The menu overview     

 Phase 2-Find locations


Phase 3 -Add Treasures


Phase 4- Search Treasures















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