ENAbLE Project

Intellectual Output 3


Development of a Teacher Education Concept


In order to promote the pedagogical integration of the educational IT-tools developed (intellectual output 1 and 2), we intend to develop teacher training materials, in three different ways:

1) at a teacher training workshop of 2 or 3 days, with the participation of the teachers that participate in the conceptional development of the educational IT-tools in Germany, Spain and Portugal, to present the teacher training course for the pedagogical integration of the educational IT-tools developed in each partner country;

2) at a teacher training course of 50 hours (credited, in Portugal), to be conducted by teachers that attend the teacher training workshop mentioned in 1), responsible for training other teachers in each country;

3) with the replication of the teacher training course mentioned in 2) in the schools of each trainee teacher, to other teachers (the trainee becomes the trainer of other teachers in his/her own school).

Considering the relevance for the sustainability of the pedagogical integration of the educational IT-tools developed, it is also intended to develop a virtual platform to support a Community of Learning and Practice where all the trainees that attend the teacher training activities mentioned above can be active members.
A postdoctoral research will be conducted to manage the project’s implementation and to assess its impact within the educational communities involved in the three partner countries (Germany, Spain and Portugal) as well as a PhD research, to study the cases of the participating schools and the implementation of the pedagogical strategies (analysing, for example, teachers’ and pupils’ perceptions and spatial literacy skills developed).

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