ENAbLE Project

Intellectual Output 1

OriGami: An educational mobile app training spatial competencies, in particular orientation

Spatial literacy in education not only possesses the potentials of individual success but also fosters the transdisciplinary importance of spatial information in society. For instance, particular spatial competencies as well as spatial abilities in domains such as geography are discussed as means to foster spatial learning and spatial thinking. At present, performances in spatial tasks vary largely among individuals. This intellectual output aims to develop a game-based educational tool fostering spatial competencies.

OriGami is a digital game implemented as mobile app to train spatial competencies, in particular orientation and map reading. Using OriGami in an educational practice, it will train the pupils’ ability to utilize software apps, mobile devices and geospatial technologies efficiently. Teachers can use OriGami to train pupils’ ICT knowledge, teach them how to conceptualize everyday spatial problems from a computational perspective, and how to identify suitable tools and technologies for IT supported problem solving. Utilizing OriGami, pupils experience IT in collaborative environment and build up social competencies, playing a game with other classmates cooperatively in teams or competing against each other. OriGami will train the user orientation in the outdoor environment and his/her map understanding competencies.

The development starts off with a requirement analysis of the various stakeholders. Embedding stakeholders at an early phase of the project is important to ensure goal-oriented developments of tools and materials serving the actual needs of the users of our educational tools for advancing ICT-based spatial literacy.

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