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Launch event of the ENABLE project – short-term teaching event for launching OriGami (outdoor) and NavApps (indoor) geogames

On the 6th of July, at the Grande Hotel das Caldas da Felgueira, it was conducted a short-term teaching event for launching the geogames, developed under the Erasmus + project “ENAbLE – Educational Advancement of ICT-based Spatial Literacy in Europe”, aiming to promote spatial orientation skills as well as transversal, mobile and in-context learning: OriGami (outdoor game) and NavApps (indoor game). The session was facilitated by Dr. Vânia Carlos, postdoctoral researcher in the ENAbLE project, and Dr. Manuel Santos, professor of ICT at the Secondary School of Gafanha da Nazaré, demonstrating the two geogames mentioned. This session was also attended by Dr. António Moreira, coordinator of the Portuguese partnership on the ENAbLE project, and Dr. António Manuel Silva (from the Ministry of Education), Dr. Isabel Cabrita (by the Department of Education of UA) ) and Dr. Maria José Loureiro (from ccTIC UA).


After demo session, the participants had the opportunity to get in touch with the OriGami game, playing along a route through the county of Nelas, prepared by Dr. Vânia Carlos together with Dr. Sérgio Espírito Santo of the Nelas City Council and with the Association of Schools of the same municipality. The event culminated with a dinner-party at the Grande Hotel das Termas das Caldas da Felgueira.

This event, which had the support of ccTICua, for the formative certification of the event, was attended by 56 participants, mostly school teachers from the region, but also CIDTFF researchers such as Dr. Lúcia Pombo, Dr. Jaime Ribeiro, Dr. Margarida Lucas, Dr. Margarida Marques, among others, UA Professor Carlos Santos, and 10 school teachers from Gafanha da Nazaré, partner in this project. In addition to Dr. António Manuel Silva, the Ministry of Education was also represented by Dr. Milena Jorge and Dr. Vânia Ramos.



More news about the event: here.

University Jaume I – Launch Event

On the 7. July 2017 the NavApps App was introduced and published official during a Launch Event.

The mobile NavApps App

The narrative character Ian McGregor